Vision (Drishti) in Yoga

Vision (Drishti) in Yoga has a great importance. The gaze is a focusing technique. The concentrating power is effected by gaze. By directing the gaze at specific points (the space just beyond the tip of the nose, between the eyebrows) the focus is directed inward. This brings more concentration and awareness into the movement. Keep the gaze soft.


1. Pay attention to your wandering eyes. What distracts you?

2. Try to control the urge to look toward something moving in the distance.

3. Gaze at the space just beyond the tip of your nose for one minute.

4. Does sound distract your eye gaze? Smell? Notice how your senses direct

your focus.

5. At different times during the day focus your gaze at specific points (the

space just beyond the tip of your nose, navel, a spot on the wall) and see

what it takes to make you look away.


The nine looking places are called nava drishtis

1. Nasagrai – the space just beyond the tip of the nose. This is used most often and is the primary drishti in the sitting postures.

2. Ajña chakra – the space between the eyebrows (ex. Purvottanasana/intense east stretch)

3. Nabi chakra – navel center (ex . Adho Mukha Svanasana/downward dog)

4. Hastagrai – hand (ex. Trikonasana/ triangle)

5. Padhayoragrai – toes (ex. Savangasana/ shoulderstand)

6. Parshva – far to the right (ex. Supta Padangusthasana/reclining big toe posture)

7. Parshva – far to the left (ex. Marichyasana C/Marchi’s posture)

8. Angushtha ma dyai – thumbs (beginning of Suryanamaskara/sun salutation)

9. Úrdhva drishti ou antara drishti – up to the sky ( Virabhadrasana A/warrior)

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