Five things that makes Ayurveda a distinct medical science

ayurvedaAyurveda is a very distinct medical science and has some unique features:-

(a)  Ayurveda gives ample emphasis on the preventive aspects and helps in promotion and prolongation of a healthy and happy life.- It is said that, “Prevention is better than cure” , Ayurveda totally supports preventive aspect than the curative.

(b)  Its approach is Psychosomatic in dealing with healthy and diseased persons. It endeavors to treat man as a whole which is a combination of body, mind and soul.- According to WHO , definition of health , definitely includes mental, and social well being. Happiness is the good combination of body-mind-soul. In fact no medical science can prepare a capsule of happiness. However, Ayurveda does, if you follow the rules of dincharya, ratricharya, ritucharya, you can definitely live healthy and happy life.

(c)   It gives due consideration to the basic constitution of an individual while diagnosing and treating him.- Concept of tridosha is the beauty of ayurveda. Vata, Pitta , Kapha are the 3 vital things. Also Dhatu(Nourishing factors) and mala(waste product). ‘Dosha Dhatu Mala moolam He Shariram’

(d)  Ayurvedic drugs have no side effects and may be taken by healthy individuals for maintenance of life as tonics.- If you overuse or misuse anything it definitely have side effects. However , unlike artificial chemical compounds , ayurveda use natural herbs and natural methods. Hence our natural body can be treated by natural medicines without side effects.

(e)  Ayurvedic medicines are not very expensive and a physician can treat a patient by the plants and herbs available around him.- There are medicinal values in everything you see. You are surrounded by medicines around you. Problem is you cant identify them. Ayurveda knowledge is the bridge to know about them.

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