9 Tips for administration of medicines

Ayurveda believes the treatment has four pillars (Chatushpad of Chikitsa) they are Doctors, Drugs, Medical Attendant and patient himself. Without any one of them treatment is not possible. In todays article post I am just focusing on medicine. While prescribing the medicine , the reaction of medicine, its dose everything are considered by the physician himself. However patient himself must have some idea regarding the Administration of the medicine.Here I have tried to enlist the nine precepts regarding it according to Ayurveda. And also all the Ayurvedic physicians should also pay much attention to the administration of medicines.
Following are the list of nine precepts regarding the administration of medicines -:
(1) In short and acute diseases the medicine is to be taken in an empty stomach that it may be sooner digested,
(2) The medicine may be taken with advantage before eating when the patient is strong and diseasesevere.
(3) One-half of the medicine should be taken before and another after food.
(4) By the old and weak the medicine should be taken with the food.
(5) By others after the food when the disease has occurred suddenly and when the patient suffers, from asthma, cough, thirst and vomiting.
(6) Another kind should be taken with a covering over it.
(7) When the disease is in the middle of the body, the medicine is to be taken between the two periods of eating.
(8) Another kind of medicine should take with each morsel of food.
(9) For asthma, cough, thirst, etc., an emetic should be occasionally administered.

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  1. It’s really important to know how to administer medicines to avoid unwanted results. Thank you for this tips. Its a great help.

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