Home made Ayurvedic herbal face pack

 A facial pack is important because it is an intensive healing treatment that makes use of moist heat to remove deep-seated impurities.It helps to cleanse the face impurities opening the pores. Face packs help reduce wrinkles, pimples, dark circles and acne. Using the right face pack that suits the skin type makes the skin fairer, cleaner and much smoother. Packs improve circulation and keep the skin firm and taut. If you have pimples, blackheads or boils, a purifying facial pack may be just what you need. Even if you don’t have any unsightly blemishes, a facial pack will provide moisture to dehydrated skin (oily skin can get dehydrated, too).

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Just a walk for healthy life

Millions of people seem to think that if they cannot join spa and spend a lot of time working out, they might a well forget about health benefits from exercise. Yet, this is not true. Dr Russell Pate of the University of South Carolina says,” I think we have t officially sanction the idea that a nice, comfortable walk around the block after dinner is very desirable thing to do.

But will a walk really do that much good? Does walking have benefits that are truly significant? Walking is a good medicine.

Greek physician Hippocrates viewed walking as “Man’s best medicine”. In fact, there is an adage that says,” I have two doctors, my left leg and my right.” Is walking really that helpful?

Well, some studies suggest that people who walk consistently may develop less illness than people who are sedentary. The studies show that walking reduces the risk of heart disease and of having a stroke. It can fend off diabetes by improving the body’s ability to use insulin. It keeps bone strong, prevents osteoporosis. Walking builds strength, flexibility and stamina. It supports weight loss and weight maintenance. Additionally walking improves sleep, enhance mental function, and can even help to counteract depression.

Some years ago researchers at the university if south California reported that a 15 minute walk brings more relief from anxiety or tension than mild tranquilizer like other physical activities. Walking triggers the release of endorphins, brain chemicals that relieve pain and stimulate relaxation, producing a sense of calm and well being.

According to the medical post of Canada, even a leisurely stroll can produce health benefits. A study published in the New England journal of medicine reveals that walking as little as 800 meters a day reduces mortality. Recent studies suggest that exercising three times in a day for 10 minutes each time will do you almost as better as exercising continuously for 30 minutes. Even greater benefits can come from brisk walking Dr. Carl Caspercen of US Centers for disease control and prevention in Atlanta Georgia said,” Going from being sedentary to walking briskly for a half hours several days a week can drop your risk of disease dramatically.” And what is so good about walking is that people of all ages unpractical all health levels can do it. Moreover, it does not require special training or athletic skills only a good pair of shoes.

How to enjoy a good walk?

Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing. For warmth, add layers that are easily shed. Use flexible, light weight shoes with a cushioned low heal and roomy toe box. They should be somewhat larger than your usual dress shoes.

Some do’s and don’ts of walking

  • Walk tall, with your chin up (parallel to the ground) focusing 6 meters ahead.
  • Maintain a moderate pace. Don’t feel that you must walk so fast that you become to breathless to converse normally
  • Don’t over stride or elongate your steps. For extra speed take quicker and shorter steps.
  • Swing arms front to back, with elbow close to the body. Avoid swinging your arms from side to side.
  • Don’t land flat footed. Roll through each steps and push off with your toes.
  • Don’t feel obliged to carry weights. These throw off natural walking movements and can straign ligaments and tendons.

Because, it is low impact; walking can have a definite advantage over such activities as running and aerobics. As a result, there is less chance of injuries to joints and muscles. Indeed walking is the number one activity recommended by fitness experts. So, for your well being take a walk.

According to Ayurveda also it is preferred to walk in morning than in Evening. However  it is morning walk or evening , both are great for health.

Roshan and Ayurveda

Roshan in Ayurveda means light particularly the brightness but then its usually referred as light. Synonyms or Roshan are Light, Prakash,etc roshanbaskota.com.np

Thinking this Roshan thought to publish an Ayurvedic blog on roshanbaskota.com.np . The profile of Roshan Baskota is seen in Roshan Baskota.

Roshan Thought to become doctor is not just a great job. One must cure the patient in absence of modern equipments too. And thus Roshan Baskota chose Ayurveda in his field of life.

This was short feeling from Roshan Baskota.

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Namaste and Greetings. I have started a new personal blog drroshan.com.np . Please join me on this blog.