Vishuddha chakra (Expression Chakra), fifth chakra in Yoga

The throat chakra, called Vishuddha in Sanskrit, is the center of expression. When it is open and flowing, you have the confidence that you are capable of communicating

your needs. Where, the first 3 chakras represent the lower earth plane and the 4th is where we balance the lower and higher planes, the 5th Chakra is where we begin to focus on the higher(spiritual) plane. Moving to rhythm, the vibration of sound, communication through writing and speaking are all functions of the Vishuddha Chakra. Literally “deep or extreme purification”, this chakra brings together the “Jiva,” individual consciousness with the “Atman,” universal consciousness, allowing us to tap into our creativity and intention to bring about an underlying vibrational harmony to our entire being. It is like the brain of all the chakras as it controls all of the elements and allows them to work in unison.  When the Anahata (Heart) Chakra, is balanced, the Vishuddha Chakra automatically communicates from the higher plane and unconditional love unfolds.


Physical location: throat

Element: Space

Color: Blue

Sense: Sound

Force: Vibration

Areas of the body:    throat, mouth, neck, shoulders

Mudra: Shunya(Heaven)

Bandha: Jalandhara

Mantra: Hum I speak and follow my truth.

When unbalanced/ blocked can manifest in:       

Too little: have difficulty finding the right words; fear of speaking; secretive; shy;         can’t find your own voice; are overshadowed by other’s truths; unable to reach full potential

Too much: loud; talk too much; aggressive; lie without lying-; gossip; very critical; unable to listen

Health issues: ear, nose, throat problems; stiff neck; TMJ-teeth grinding, jaw problems; thyroid problems

When balanced/not blocked can manifest in:

Being in tune with surroundings Coinciding principle working  Communications are clear

Able to speak own truth. Can see yourself clearly & able to listen to and follow the Universe Live in harmony Hearing what has not been said.

Asana examples that balance the throat chakra:

Neck Postures

Shoulder Postures


Chest expansion

Forward bends Yoga Mudra

Upward Plank


Back bends Reverse Table Camel Plow
Shoulder Stand Fish

   Downward Dog


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