Third chakra, Manipura Chakra in Yoga

The third chakra, Manipura, is localized in your solar plexus.3rd Chakra, literally means “city of the jewel”. The Law of Intention and Desire governs the third chakra. It is the seat of your power in the world. When this center is open and flowing, you are capable of translating your intentions and desires into manifestation.  When it is blocked, you feel frustrated and ineffectual. Fire is the element and with it comes choice, action, vitality and will. This chakra has been compared to the power of the sun as it warms, moves and activates us. Because of the intensity of the pranic energy contained in this chakra, it also refers to “tapas”, the fire in the belly that brings forth transformation. With the right balance, this chakra gives you your “glow, burns your ego and illuminates your mind. Without it, you would have no life, no energy.


PHYSICAL LOCATION: the solar plexus; just above the naval


COLOR: Yellow

SENSE: Sight

FORCE: Combustion

AREAS OF THE BODY:    stomach, liver, small intestine, middle spine


BANDHA: Uddiana

MANTRA: RamI stand in my personal power”

When unbalanced/ blocked can manifest in: Too little: insecure, oversensitivity,need external validation,fear rejection,dogmatic conformity, allow people to walk over you /or take advantage, can become introverted and/or depressed, Too much: controlling, think you are always right, self centered, everything is me,me,me greedy, power hungry, blind to own faults .

Health issues: diabetes, hepatitis, ulcers indigestion, more digestion in general


When balanced/not blocked can manifest in:  Sense of self worth: Practical Control over actions, Have will power, Can handle crises, generate action, Develop strength through courage/  able to stand in own truth and Have transformative power



 Triangle  Seated Forward Fold Pyramid

Lateral bends

Warrior poses

Plank            Wheel

Back bends

 Downward Dog

Camel Bow pose


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