Six steps to achieve Balanced Dosha

These days most of the Ayurvedic talks are related with maintaining or balancing the dosha. And yes it is true that if you are able to balance dosha you can have healthy and happy life. The dosha proportion in different individuals are different. So the same lifestyle and diet for two person may have different effect on them. While balancing dosha we must know two terms viz. Prakriti and Vikriti. Prakriti is the state of normalcy whereas vikriti is opposite to that. In vikriti condition your one or more dosha may increase or decrease. So to maintain dosha first you have to stabilize dosha and now use simple preventive measures on diet and lifestyle to maintain it forever.  People often use term pacifying the doshas however I prefer to use the term stabilize cause its not just to decrease dosha , sometime we have to increase dosha to maintain body.

There are six steps to restoring balance to your doshas and achieving the vibrant good health this will bring.

Here’s a summary of the process, which is explained in greater detail later in the blog.

STEP 1. Determine Your Vikriti – Determine your initial vikriti so that you know where you stand now.

STEP 2. Determine Your Prakriti- Determine your prakriti so that you know what you are aiming for.

STEP 3. Determine the Imbalance- Following two simple rules of thumb, determine where your major imbalance is.

STEP 4. Stabilize Your Doshas- Use general Ayurvedic practices to establish a Daily Lifestyle Regimen to stabilize the dosha that is your major source of imbalance. In addition use specific Ayurvedic herbal remedies and five-senses remedies for alleviating key symptoms.

STEP 5. Monitor Your Progress- Follow these general and specific practices until the symptoms subside, monitoring your improvement by repeating the vikriti test every three months.

STEP 6. Maintain Balance – When your symptoms have subsided and the ratio of the doshas in your vikriti have come close to those in your prakriti, you need only follow the appropriate Daily Lifestyle Regimen. If old symptoms return, or new ones appear, use the specific remedies recommended for those conditions in the A-Z section.

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