Prakriti (Personal Nature) in Ayurveda

Our inborn metabolic pattern is called Prakriti. Prakriti is the first creation of all.According to Ayurveda, one’s prakriti is determined according to prakriti of Shukra (sperm) and shonit (ovum). The events and situation at the period of pregnancy determines the prakriti of inborn child, that is why prakriti may also influenced by adaptation change occur in parents, especially a pregnant mother.

There is certain relation between  parents and inborn child in blood grouping. The heredity gene is directly concern with the inborn child’s metabolic pattern too. The inborn metabolic pattern of an individual is the continuation of metabolic pattern of the parents. So these relation according to modern discovery is due to gene.

But around thousands of years ago no word called “gene was used. In fact the pitrij bhav (Father’s character) an matrij bhav (Matrij character) refer to gene xx and xy , it is not so direct but pointing towards these genes. Still re discovery of prakriti is not there in modern techniques. Some questions are still unanswered, Why someone is successful, rich, poor and variation in their life? Is this also inborn character that one get success every time? No answer but Philosophy in Ayurveda is trying to show path for the answers.

Lets explore; First of all the mostly accepted theory of prakriti is based on tridosha i.e. Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Among all prakriti vata are lean and thin. Pitta are intelligent and kapha are remarkably less intelligent with large size body. Usually body is not only one type, so Vata-Pitta body have the pure circulation and has a mixed characteristics. Whereas , many people who achieve all round success in life are pitta-kapha prakriti people. Vata-kapha are usually jealous. Sama prakriti (vata pitta kapha all balanced) people are best of all.

So if there would be research on prakriti along with Tridosha, it would bring some new discovery to the world.

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