Piyush granthi, (Pituitary gland) and mann in Ayurveda

Pituitary gland in Ayurveda is called Piyush Granthi. It is the master gland of the body that controls the function of all endocrine gland. Recent research proved that oxytocins helpful for social memory i.e. recognize person. If pituitary gland has hyper or hypo secretion of its hormones, this effects whole body functions including the nervous system. And on the other side in Ayurveda, Mann effects the body function i.e. function of indriya (Karmendriya and Gyanendria(5-sense organs)). Piyush granthi also effects the reproductive organs and other parts of body sirectly or indirectly. Mann is present in entire body but specially inside skull. Similarly piyush granthi also present in skull but its secretion are distributed in entire body. Mann is proof of life similarly the function of piyush granthi is a proof. In this way mann and pituitary gland may be co-related as same.

Byan vayu plays vital role in almost all body function. It is present in whole of the body. Similarly different piyush granthi secretion acts in the entire body.

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