Person is Equal to universe (Lok-Purusha Similarity)

As living body is also one object in the universe; Lok (universe) and Purusha (Person) are similar. This statement is important to know about purusha(person) from the study of universe. Also all the chemical and physical laws are equally applied to external objects and in human body. In human body, just with a little modification; due to the presence of mind, intellect and sprit in man. (dhee, dhriti, smriti) .

Aacharya Charak in his “Shareer sthan” of Charak Samhita purusha vichaya chapter gives a list of similarities in between man and world.

In Lokasamhita Acharya Punarbashu (Aatraya) said all the factors (bhawas) that are present in person (purusha) or human body are represented in the universe and vice versa. Hearing this Shri-Agnivesha asked Acharya Aatraya to elaborate the statement. Then Acharya Atraya replied “This cosmos prapancha is made up of 6 dhatus/elements i.e. Panchamahabhootaj and chetanadhatu.

Similarities in between Lok and Purusha

The following table shows comparison of physiological and biological substances.

Lokagat views (Physiological Substance) Purushagat bhawas (Biological substance)
1. Prithivi or mass Murti or mass
2. Jala Kleda of body (adhesive property)
3. Agni Avisantaap (Temperature in Body)
4. Vayu Prana (Respiraton activity)
5. Aakasha Sushira (Body cavity)
6. Bramha/God Antaraatma (Soul)
7. Brahma bibhuti Aatma bibhuti
8. Prajapati Manas
9. Indra Ahankar (Ego)
10. Aaditya(Sun) Adan (Absorption in body)
11. Soma/Chandra (Moon) Prasaada (Shitalta, cooling effects)
12. Rudra (Shiva) Risha(Anger)
13. Basu Sukha (Easiness)
14. Aswinidewaj Kanti
15. Maruta/Vayu Utsaha
16. Bishwedeva Indriyas(Sense organs in body)
17. Tama Moha
18. Jyoti Gyana (Knowledge)
19. Shristhi Garvadhan/Conception
20. Satya yuga Balya (child age)
21. Treta yuga Youth age
22. Dwapar yuga Old age
23. Kali yuga (*Present time) Byadhi (Decay to disease)
24. Yuganta/ Pralaya Marana (Death)


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