My expirence on the path of Samadhi

Last article was just an introduction to Samadhi.

To be in Samadhi one should have zero mind. i.e think nothing. Everybody says this statement, but question arises here HOW?

It’s all practice you need to do. The qualities of Mind are Aanutwo and Aakatwo. i.e to think single thing in its minute nature.To go to its deepest possible cause. This is the quality of mind. However in modern time, right from birth mind start to divert elsewhere. A child feels borde to watch the shows that has less frame rate. His mind is totally diverted from the original property of mind. Now he can’t stay calm from mind even for a second. That is why I am still unable to get Samadhi, and this may be the cause in you. So we must first make our mind to gain its original power or qualities. It is possible only by practicing.

And never think that you will get especial power after Samadhi. If you think so and start to meditate you will never success as your mind has selfish aim to get that power. And if mind is not clear or thinking is not zero, you will not attain Samadhi. But reality is that, there is some special power in Samadhi. I haven’t felt that power yet , but in the journey to my meditation I fill something in my body and flames of different colors around me. I don’t know that it is my thinking or it is my success towards the Samadhi.

Finally I like to share something for new yoga practitioners or someone starting meditation. There is no shortcut to get Samadhi. Even if you read thousands of books, you can’t get Samadhi, simply sit down, ease yourself and practice to empty your mind. Start it with concentrating your breath.

There are further 3 forms of samadhi Bhava Samadhi, savikalpa Samadhi and nirvikalpa Samadhi.  And what happens after Samadhi depend on that. However I have expirenced only the initial common path of this journey, so I am not going to talk about it.

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