Maatra of Aahaara (Quantity of food to be eaten)

Any padartha which passes through Anna maarga , provides energy for life, nourishes Dhatus, protects and replenishes then stabilize life processes, originate (help) in body organs is called as Aahaara. For any person, Desha, Kaala vaya, etc should be considered before deciding aahaaramaatra and aahaaravidhi.

Along with so many rules and regulations, one more very important direction should be kept in mind i.e. aahaaramaatraaa.

Stomach should be divided into three parts. One part should be filled with solid food, one should be filled with liquid food and one should be kept empty for movements of three dosaah Vaata, pitta and kapha. If this is observed, it fetches good results.

How to recognize food eaten is appropriate in amount?

Manifestations fetched by eating in proper amount are as follows:

After food no pain is felt in flanks.

  1. One doesn’t feel obstruction in cardiac area (kukshi).
  2. One doesn’t feel backache.
  3. One doesn’t feel heaviness in abdomen.
  4. One feels that his special senses are fresh.
  5. One satisfies his hunger and thirst.
  6. One feels ease in sitting posture, sleeping posture, respiration, laughing and talking.
  7. Morning and evening smooth excretion of excretory products takes place.
  8. This adds to strength, good color and well nourishment that one should eat proper amount of food.

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