Ksharsutra Technique in Ayurveda

Fistula in ano is a disease, which has been included by Acharya Sushruta in Ayurveda. Even today when the modern surgery is at its peak, fistula in ano is still a challenge to the surgeons for its incidence of recurrence and postoperative complications. The method devised by ancient acharyas to treat this disease is the only full proof method available to cure fistula in ano.

This technique is choice in most patients suffering from Fistula in Ano. Though Kshar Sutra treatment is a classical Ayurveda technique for operating almost all Ano Rectal Ailments like fissure, Fistula, Hemorrhoid, Peri-Anal abscess and various others.

Procedure- The procedure consists of placing of placing or ligating the concerned tissue with a specially medicated thread called the Kshar- sutra (Sutra i.e. thread). The special thread used in this procedure is coated and recoated about 14 to 21 times with different herbal medicines and ash extracts (Kshar) of some herbs. It is used to ligate piles or is passed through the fistula as required. This medicines aid the cutting and healing process. Every seventh day the old thread is replaced with new alkali thread Kshar Sutra till there is a final cut through. It has been observed that the length of the tract reduces 1 cm per week.


. No need to require hospitalization for more than 3-4 hours.

. No need of bed rest and can resume his/her daily routine within 6 to 12 hours.

. There is no chance of incontinence and the recurrence rate which is usually found to be very high after Fistulectomy is less than 2 Percentage after this method. This is because the medicines on the thread gradually and continuously curette the pyogenic membrane and fibrous tissue and thus leave no pus pocket untrained.

. Freedom from painful dressing

. Pain at the time of changing the thread is much less as compared to the post operative dressings of Fisatulectomy.

. No general anesthesia and no hospitalization are required.


Hemorrhoid, Anal fissures, Chronic discharging sinuses with osteomyelitis, Pilonidual sinuses, Non healing wound, Milk fistula, Tubercular sinuses, and Genital warts.

Approved By Research

The technique has been scientifically developed and clinically evaluated. Indian Council of Medical Research, the apex body of medical research in India has conducted clinical trials of Kshar sutra therapy in the disease Fistula in Ano, at four centers including Aiims.

The results of this clinical trial have been officially released. It has been proved that kshar sutra is more effective and more suitable treatment as compare to surgery for treating fistula in ano.

Dr. R K shah MD (Salya Tantra)

Asst. Professor, Ayurveda Campus

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