Importance of Vata among tridosha

Vata is the most important among tridoshas. Pitta and kapha are less important. The vata carries them to different places. Like in nature, clouds are moved by wind, similarly vata maves pitta and kapha to move all over the body.

Vata or Vayu is described as Ayu, or life as bala or strength. Prabhu or master and the entire universe itself is travelling under the control of vata. Acharya Charak described Vayu in Charak sutrasthan in 12th chapter in a symposium as Vata.

The reasons behind its important are given below.

These points can also be reffered as vata sworupa or physiology of Vata

  1. Vata is key for a human machine or Yentra, the living body and its mechanism (Tantra).
  2. It is of 5 kinds i.e. Prana , Apana, Vyana, Samana and Udana.
  3. It is initiator of all the psychosomatic activities.
  4. It is controller and activator of mind.
  5. It is employer of all the indriyas.
  6. It is the moderator of all the sense objects.
  7. It is organizer of all the tissue of the body.
  8. It is Sandhaankara or Co-ordinator of body.
  9. It is organizer of Phonation.
  10. It is basis for touch and sound.
  11. It is basis for sense organ of hearing and touch.
  12. It is root for harsha or pleasure and utshaha or enthusiasm
  13. It stimulates the jatharagni or digestive power.
  14. It dries up the excessively secreting dosha.
  15. It eliminates the excretory products.
  16. It forms space and cavities required for the large/small srotas or channels.
  17. It forms different shapes and serve the nutrients that are required for all the organ in the embryonic stage.
  18. Vayu Is the representation and symbole of life.

These 18 points are the most important qualities of vata which signifies its greatness.

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