Directions of eating (Aahaara upayoga sanstha )

Some things are originally healthy. But, the upayogasansthaa affects the quality of food. In Ayurveda text it is mentioned that the satmya or healthy food may be unhealthy according to the directions of use. So, they should be religiously observed for appropriate digestion of food resulting better health. Rules of such kind, which should be observed while taking food, are

  • One should eat hot:

Warm food is pleasant to eat i.e. tastes good; it increases appetite and secretion of digestive juices. Such food gets digested fast; it induces flatus and decreases Doshas kapha.

  • Unctuous food should be taken:

It enhances weak Agni. It digests food fast. It helps to pass flatus. It replenishes or nourishes body. It strengthens special senses. It increases body strength.

  • In proper amount suitable for individual eating it:

One should eat calculated amount of food. It shouldn’t be eaten in excess or in fewer amounts. Such food maintains physiological level of dosaah. It passes excreta smoothly. Agni is by no way harassed. Digestion is perfect.

  • One should eat only when previous meal is digested:

If eaten before digestion of previous meal, food to be digested gets mixed with food which is half digested. This leads to instant vitiation of three dosaah. but if eaten when previous food is ingested, all three dosaah remain in physiological limits, agni is enhanced, belching is without any smell, no pressure of heart is realized, excreta is smoothly expelled, all building blocks are well maintained and there by span of life is increased.

  •   Food stuffs with opposite virya should not be eaten together:

Two opposite strong qualities should be avoided to eat together. Such kind of eating generates disease for e.g., to eat hot and cold together.

  • Should eat in pleasant place:

One should not eat where one does not like to eat in bad places or in hideous places. One should not eat in cutlery. Psychological effect of things is emphasized here.

  • One should not eat very fast:

If one eats very fast, he chokes, vomits, insults food and develops disliking towards food.

  • One should not eat very slow:

If one eats very slowly, he doesn’t get satiety hence he eats more. Food gets cold. It for this reason does not digest appropriately.

  • One shouldn’t eat while talking or laugh while eating,

This vitiates dosha,

  • One should eat for himself with appropriate manner:

This is suitable for me – one should think while eating. This make him eats properly.

One who takes food observing the above ten rules gets satiety of food, health and proper digestion. This is also compulsory for proper nutrition accoeding to Ayurveda.

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