Difference in Ayurveda and Allopathy in term of food restriction

Here in this article I have tried to introduce “Pathya”  by showing its application in Allopathic medicine (Unknowingly) as well as in Ayurveda healing  “Pathya” infact, is a great term but most physicians do not take care of this term.

According to allopathic science, there are very few diseases where doctor advice the patient to follow some of the diet restrictions like in the disease diabetes mellitus, hypertension, gastrititis, jaundice , typhoid etc. because they feel the following diet restriction is just a palliative treatment, while taking medicines in the curative treatment. But in Ayurvedic Science no treatment is said to be complete without the advice of diet restriction and in some of the disease “ Pathya” can only be adviced as treatment.

People have misconception about the word  Pathya. They believe that Pathya means that which should not be taken while it is quite contrarary. Pathya doesnot just means the diet restriction as people believe – it also means restricting some of the deeds, which is jointly called as “ Pathya- Aahara – Vihara”.

Pathya as described in Charak Srutasthan, Chapter 25

पथ्यं पथोऽनपेतं यद्यच्चोक्तं मनसः प्रियम्। यच्चाप्रियमपथ्यं च नियतं तन्‍न तक्षयेत्।।४५।।
मात्राकालक्रियाभूमिदेहदोषगुणान्तरम्। प्राप्य तत्तद्धि द्दश्यन्ते ते ते भावनस्तथा तथा।।४६।।
तस्मात् स्वभावो निर्दिष्टस्तथा मात्रादिराश्रयः। तदपेक्ष्योभयं कर्म प्रयोज्यं सिद्धिमिच्छता।।४७।।

Pathya- wholesome is that which is not harmful to paths of the body and is according to linking. One which is harmful to the paths and disliked is certainly not at all deirable. The entitie have their effects according to dose, time, preparation, place, body constitution, pathology and properties. Hence the natural characters of entities and also the factors like dose etc. have been mentioned. The physician desirous of success, should proceed with the therapeutic measures taking both in account.[45-47]

I shall be discussing about the pathya and apathy  aahar(foods) and vihaar(Behaviour or deeds) in different disease in the upcoming posts. I like to focus that “Pathya” is a single term to describe the treatment of any disease , so everyone should use this term properly.



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