Ayurvedic herb Azadirachta Indica (Nimba)

Neem is the plant with bitter in taste but it has a lot of medicinal value as mentioned in the ayurvedic text.

Parts used – All parts

Uses – The all parts of Nimba are used in the form of juice and decoction to treat fever,  intrinsic haemorrhage, bleeding piles, wound, oedema, , arthritis, skin diseases, diabetes,  eye diseases, leucorrhoea, as, poisons, jaundice, for fumigation, diseases of teeth, heart diseases, as specific digestive and diseases of vagina.

Skin diseases (Kustha)

  1. The decoction of nimba and patola (Trichosanthes cucumerina)is efficacious in skin diseases (40-60 ml) (CS.Ci.7.97-99)
  2. Intake of haritaki (terminalia chebula)and nimba or nimba and amalaka (Phyllanthus emblica) for a month overcomes all types of skin diseases (40-60 ml) (GN.2.36.87)
  3. Local application of the juice of dhattura (Datura metal) , nimba and betel leaves separately destroys skin diseases such as eczema, ring worms etc. (10-20 gms) (SG.3.11.52-53)

Diabetes (Prameha)

1. Decoction of bark, leaves, root fruit and flowers of nimba aragvadha, (cassia fistula) saptaparna,(Alstonia scholaris) murva (Maerua arenaria) kutaja (Holarrhena antidysenterica) , katphala (Gmelina arborea) and palasa (Butea monosperma) destroys all types of diabetes (40-60 ml) (SS.Ci.11.8)



1. Decoction of nimba leaves cleans the wound (120 ml)(CS.CS. 25.84)

2. Nimba leaf mixed with honey acts as cleansing agent. Both of them added with ghee promote healing (10-15 gms) (SS.Ci.1.68)

3. Paste of nimba leaves and sesamum mixed with honey cleanses wound while mixed with ghee it acts as healing agent. (10-15 gms)(VM.44.28)

4. The paste of nimba leaves, by external application, cleanses and heals wound while it intake it alleviated vomiting, skin diseases disorders of pitta and kapha and worms (10-15 gms) (SG.2.5.5)

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