Ayurvedic Herb Acorus calamus (Vacha)

In short

Other Names – Bhutanashini, Jatil, Bajai, Gora-bach, Vasa Bach;

Family – Araceae

Part used – Rhizomes

Uses – The rhizomes of Vaca is use in the form of powder, paste

and decoction to treat diarrhoea, epilepsy, oedema, scrotal enlargement, skin diseases, headache, alopecia, wound, eye diseases, colic, piles, indigestion, acid gastritis, heart-diseases, ratpoisoning, diseases of mouth and as rejuvinative.


The uses of Acorus calamus (Vacha) in different disease are as follows:

In Diarrhoea; One suffering from diarrhoea should take water boiled with vaca and prativisa (aconitum)(60-120 ml)(CS.Ci.19.22)

In Epilepsy; a) Old ghee processed with brahmi juice (Bacopa monnieri),

vaca, kustha (sassurea lappa)and snakhapuspi (convolvulus

microphyllus) alleviates insanity, and epilepsy (10-20

ml)(CS.Ci 10.25)

b) By using vaca powder (10-15gms) with honey keeping on diet

of milk and rice overcomes epilepsy, VM.21.9)

In Headache; In suryavartta and hemicrania pressed snuff of vaca and pippali (2-5 gms) and honey is useful (SS.U 26.33; also VM 62.38)

In Acid gastritis; One should take vacha (5-10 gms) mixed with honey and jiggery (GN 2.38.25)


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