Ayurvedic herb Achyranthes aspera (Apamarga )

Apamarga is very useful herb in Ayurveda. Common names are Prickly Chaff Flower, Devil’s Horsewhip. This plant belongs to family Amaranthaceae. This plant is especially found in tropical region.

In short:

Parts used – Root, seed and leaf

Uses – The root, seed and leaf of Apamarga is used in the form of juice and powder to treat excessive hunger, piles, , calculi, wound, difficult labor, sinus, wound due to accident, eye diseases, ear diseases, diseases pertaining to head, dog-bite, , abdominal pain, jaundice, insomnia, pain in vagina.

In Piles, Apamarga, nagakesara (Mesua ferrea) , satavari (asparagusracemosus) and vasa (adhatoda vasica) decoction cures bleeding piles (40-60ml) (VD.5.8)

In Dysuria, Apamarga root powder (10-15 gms) taken with milk overcomes dysuria (VD.7.4)

In Accidental wounds, Oil cooked with Apamarga root along with water is applied locally to relieve pain caused by accidental injuries (10-15gms) (RM.26.7)

In Abdominal pain, Ghee cooked with decoction of Apamarga and paste of pippali

(Piper longum) relieves abdominal pain (10 ml) (SY.ghrta.5)

It is also used as Tooth Powder

Make powder of 100 gm Prickly flower seeds and sieve. Add 10 gm salt powder and store in a bottle. If one brushes his teeth with this powder, teeth will strengthen and also whiten. Worms in the teeth will die and decayed teeth get set right.

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