Ayurveda Yoga and Astrology Interrelation

Both Vedic astrology and Ayurvedic medicine are part of the greater system of Yoga, a system which aims at Self-realization, our union with the Divine Being within us as the ultimate goal of life. For this reason we can call Ayurveda ‘yogic medicine’ and Vedic as­trology ‘yogic astrology’. Ayurveda is concerned with our connection to the Divine Self as the source of all life within us, and Jyotish (Vedic astrology) with our union with the Divine Self as the source of all light and therefore all activity and manifestation in the external world.

Here we will examine how these three systems — Yoga, Ayurveda and Vedic astrology — interrelate to provide us with an effective and comprehensive methodology to deal with our karma in life, which is manifold on many levels, without and within. All Vedic disciplines aim at helping us understand, adjust to and, to the extent that it is possible, transform our karma.

Medical astrology has always been one of the most popular aspects of astrology. Among the first questions people ask astrologers are “How long will I live?” or “How healthy will I be?” Even wealth and fame are no guarantee of long life or freedom from disease. We are all con­cerned about our health and vitality, which is the foundation of ev­erything else that we attempt in life. Medical astrology also has a great scope for practical application and everyday usage as our health and energy fluctuate with the rhythms of time, from days, months, years and stages of life to special astrologi­cal periods like the dosha systems of Vedic astrology. Medical astrology provides a good angle from which to learn astrology and to verify its complex workings.

If we add the psychological component to medical astrology, it be­comes a yet more interesting and valuable study. We are all curious about how our psyche has developed both in this life and in previous lives, and how it is likely to evolve and change in the future. An im­portant question people routinely come to astrologers with is “Will I be happy?,” as our psychological state is often more important for us than our physical condition.

Adding a spiritual or yogic side to medical and psychological as­trology, we can create a complete system of well-being for body, mind and spirit. This can help us answer the ultimate questions like “What is the meaning of life?” or “Who am I?” or “What in us, if anything, survives death?” Answering such questions, after all, is the real pur­pose of why we are born.

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  1. this is very good system of treatment .i have allergic synocitis since 10 years .i went to many doctors but they did not give me proper solution .My nose is always running .Now i have constipation also together piles .i am hopeless to my life .Psir could u give me the problem solution for this problem,i will regard u as my god .yours sincere,anurag bhattarai

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