Accumulation of Dosha (Stage of Sanchaya)

Accumulation stage is first event of pathogenesis (First Kriya kala). Increase of dosha or doshas in their own site is called sanchaya. Aacharya Dalhana defines this as a samhati rupa bridhi or accumulation increase. In this stage a person developes an aversion against the sanchaya karanass of the vitiated dosha. Suppose we have taken a heavy meal, the heaviness of the abdomen and drowsiness are the result of the heavy meal. Naturally, we dislike to take food anymore and in the same way there will be linking towards sanchaya vyatiraka Karanas, i.e. anti  sanchaya karana. If the physician is clever enough to identify and treat them at this stage only the vitiated dosha will get subside and no further stages like prakopa,  prasara etc. can take place. In short, the identification of Sanchaya is done just by observing the dosha lakshyana in a most primitive manner and slight uneasiness felt by the patient.

Symptom of Vata sanchaya
Hypoperistalting of intestine (Stabdha purna kostha स्तब्धपुर्नकोष्ठ)
heaviness in the stomach

Symptoms of Pitta sanchaya
Yellowing over the skin (Pittawavashata पित्तावभाषता)
Less digestive power

Symptom of Kapha sanchaya
Hypothermia (Mandosmata मन्दोषमता)
Feeling of Heaviness (Gaurabha गौरभ)
Lousiness (Aalasya आलस्य)

In general there will be aversion towards the causative factors (chaya karana biddwesha).

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