Abasthapak, Stage of Digestion

The food we ingest , digest in different stages. Changes in the mahashrotas at different levels are called abasthapak. Abasthapak or the stage of digestion are in 3 stages.

  1. Madhura abasthapak- Kapha
  2. Amla abasthapak – Pitta
  3. Katu abasthapak – Vata

Kapha, Pitta and Vata which are situated at different levels of mahashrotas are increased and supported by the above three abaasthapak respectively one after another.

This is also the process of formation of Tridosha from Ahar

Madhur Abasthapak- The food substance grinded well by the teeth during mastication and form a sweet semisolid substance due to the mixture of saliva (laladrab). Thus all the taste present in different food substance that will acquire madhura rasa through this process and this food after entering amashaya gets some more madhuratwo due to addition of kledak slesma present in amasaya. This stage is kapha predominant.

Amla Abasthapak – After the Madhura Abasthapak is completed the semi digested food descends further down and mix with amla bhawa or HCL , becomes vidagdha and attains acid taste or sour taste (amla taste). This paka(digestion) is called Amlaabasthapaka. Pitta which is originally situated in the site gets nourishment and support from this abasthapak. This stage is pitta predominant.

Katu Abasthapak – Most of the digestion is  completed during the amla abasthpak. If not, the digested food after entering pakwasaya becomes dry due to the absorption of water. After this it forms a solid mass with a little moisture. This abasthapak is called Katu Abasthapak. This stage is Vata predominant.

Ike avasthapak there is other process of digestion called nisthapak or vipak. Generally ahar dravya are subjected to abasthapak and aushad dravya (medicines) are subjected to nistha paka or vipak.

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