Six Chakras (षडचक्र) in Yoga

There are many formulas, mantras and theories of Ancient time in Yoga, Ayurveda and other such fields which are beyond the normal thoughts. In present days people are following the rule of back to nature. But time has changed so people are lacking the power to understand the rule of nature. One of such important topic is chakra. Basically Chakra are described from the angle of Yoga. Here I have just introduced Chakra, but I shall post more about this exploring the depth in upcoming articles.

Chakras are centers of spiritual energy. They are located in the astral body, but they have corresponding centers in the physical body also. They can hardly be seen by the naked eyes. Only a clairvoyant can see with his astral eyes. Tentatively they correspond to certain plexuses in the physical body.

There are six important Chakras.

(*From bottom to top the 6 chakras:)

1. Muladhara chakra – at the anus (containing 4 petals)

2. Svadhishthana chakra – at the genitals (6 petals)

3. Manipura chakra – at the navel (10 petals)

4. Anahata chakra – at the heart (12 petals)

5. Vishuddha chakra – at the throat (16 petals)

6. Ajna chakra- between and behind the eyebrows (2 petals)

another charka is

Sahasrara chakra – at the crown of the head (contains a thousand petals)


And their tentatively correspondence is:-

-Sacral plexus tentatively corresponds to Muladhara Chakra;

-Prostatic plexus to Svadhishthana,

-Solar plexus to Manipura,

-Cardiac plexus to Anahata Chakra,

-Laryngal plexus to Visuddha Chakra and

-Cavernous plexus to Ajna Chakra.

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