Triphala in Ayurveda

It’s a reality that Triphala in Ayurveda, is th best formula.

Triphala is an Ayurvedic herbal formaulation that is commonly used and best known among all ayurvedic preparations. It comprises the fruits of three trees: Aamalaki(Embelica officinalis), Bibhitaki (Terminalia belerica), and Haritaki (Terminalia chebula). These fruits are dried, powedered and then blended together according to ayurvedic principles. It is a general health tonic useful for all body types as well as in various health conditions. Each of the three herbs in triphala is a powerful and effective medicine in itself. Embelica officinalis is recommended for inflammatory conditions. Terminalia belerica is used for the treatment of cholesterol-induced ailments, digestive and liver disorders. Terminalia chebula is used to treat digestive problems. Triphala regulates bowel movements and is of great benefit in cleansing the large intestine or colon.

Aamaliki/Amala – Its fruits are highly nutritious and are important dietary sources of Vitamin C, minerals and amino acids. It is acrid, cooling, diuretic and laxative. The dried fruits are effective in treating haemorrhage, diarrhoea and dysentry. In combination with iron they are used as a remedy for anaemia and jaundice. E. officinalis readuces cholesterol levels and has also been studied for its anticancer effects in University of Pittsburg Cancer Institute.

Bibhitaki/Barro– The antibacterial properties of the fruit can be used for treating patients with piles and diarrhoea. Bibhitaki when used as herbal eye drops, has shown encouraging results in cases of myopia, corneal opacity, immature cataract and infective conditions and bellirica reduces cholesterol levels and has a protective effects on heart and liver. It has been used as a primary treatment for digestive and respiratory problems.

Haritaki/Harro– It has been used in Ayurvedic medicines as a digestive aid. The fruits are credited for its laxative and tonic properties. It is also a known hepatoprotective and antistress drug. It improves bowel regularity, thus making it a useful laxative. It is also effective in treating patients with diarrhoea and dysentry.


Benefits of Triphala:

•    It regulates bowel movements, improves digestive, circulations and liver functions, and reduces serum cholesterol. It is commonly prescribed to tone and strengthen the digestive system, particularly in cases of weak digestion and constipation. Being a gentle laxative, it can be used daily. It balances the body’s metabolism, restores appetite, and regulates and detoxifies the bowel. As a digestive tonic and laxative, it is best taken in the evening just before bed time.

•    Triphala is a good source of vitamin C and enhances immunity.

•    An infusion of Triphala can be used as eye wash to reduce soreness and redness of eyes.

•    Triphala has anticancer properties that prevent or slow growth of pancreatic cancer.


According to the researches, triphala triggered the cancerous cells to die off and significantly reduced the size of the tumors without causing any side effects.Triphala is more than just a medicine in Ayurvea.


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