Tridosha Quiz

According to Ayurveda, everyone is unique. And this uniqueness is due to the different ratio of three bio energy in Ayurveda , which are called Tridosha. Finding the ratio of this energy helps us to know , what are the good food and lifestyles.  Ayurveda recommendation for happy and healthy life is based on tridosha analysis.

Below is the list of questionnaire,  just choose the best answer that match the description of you.

After completing all the multiple choice option check result to find the ratio.

5.Do you stop and think things over before doing anything?
6.If you say you will do something do you always keep your promise, no matter how inconvenient it might be to do so?
7.Do your moods go up and down?
8.How are your Joints?
9.Sleep Pattern
10.Body temprature
12.Under Stress
13.How is your working habit?
14.Eating habit
15.How quickly do you eat

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