Gallstones | Types of gallstone | Treatment of gallstone in Ayurveda

The abnormal accumulation of bile acids, cholesterol and phospholipids in the bile can cause the formation of gallstones. The presence of gallstones is marked as  cholelithiasis. The data gives that one in ten people have the problem gallstones without knowing it.The symptoms often arise after the individual has eaten fried or fatty foods. In Ayurveda the gall stone are classified as the Vata type, or Pitta type or Kapha type.
Causes: Congestion obstructs the bile flow and inflames the gallbladder wall.

General: Symptoms include acute pain in the liver and gallbladder, swelling, and tenderness.

Vata: Stones are black or brown, dry or rough; they cause severe pain but mild inflammation and fever.

Pitta: Stones are yellow, red, or green with sharp angles, painful and inflamed.

Kapha: Soft, round, whitish stones, rarely painful.


Purgation with aloe or rhubarb (mixed with fennel) is required in acute conditions. Bhuamalaki, turmeric, and manjishoha are next used to cleanse the liver and blood.

Certain herbs break up stones. These include gokshura, kaoukaa, and pashana bedha. Taken with coriander or turmeric, the herb’s actions are directed to the gall bladder.


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