Dincharya, Daily routine in Ayurveda

In Sanskrit, the word dincharya refers to daily routine. According to Ayurveda one should follow the dincharya in order to live a healthy and disease free life. Everyday two cycles of chains pass through the human body each bringing a vata, Pitta or Kapha predominance. Based on the cycles of Vata, pita and Kapha our daily routine should be divided into morning, noon, evening/twilight, dinner, and bed time. In the Ayurvedic text it is written that a persons should wake up 2 hrs prior to sunrise, if he/she not suffering from any disease such as fever or diarrhea. Very young, very old and sick people are some of the exceptions.

According to dincharya the day should be kick started  by eliminating the colon and the bladder followed by a through cleaning of the senses- ears, eyes, mouth etc. This should be followed by an oil self massage. Exercise in the morning just after the massage helps rejuvenate the body and soul. After bathing, one should head towards the dining table for breakfast. The days followed by activities like studying working or travelling. During the lunch, one should consume nutritious meal. After working for day, twilight is the time to offer evening prayers. Dinner should consist of a light meal. Before going to bed, one should sit back and relax. By following the dincharya of Ayurveda one can insure a healthy life.

Though it is difficult to follow a stringent dincharya in the fast moving life it is highly recommended by Ayurvedic physicians because a number of health benefits are associated with it. The dincharya makes one to lead a healthy and disciplined life. According to the latest studies, in the field of medical science, people who stick to the daily routine are more fit than those, who do not have a particular time to perform their everyday activities. It is said that the dincharya reduces the stress level to a great extent. In addition to this, the person’s body is purified and detoxified. Therefore barring a few exception like sickness, very old and young age, Ayurvedic dincharya is recommended for everyone.

One should try to keep the routine as close to the recommended dincharya as possible. The body might resist the change for a first few days but if you do managed to persist then you are bound to get rewarded with a much healthier and satisfying life.

Laxmi Narayan Bhagat

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