Ayurvedic herb Buchanania lanzan (Priyala)

Buchanania lanzan is popular with its local name Chironji (चिरोंजी). This tree grows about 50  feet tall. It has a dark grey crocodile bark with red blaze.

Parts used – Seed kernel, bark

Ayurvedic properties-
Rasa    : Tikta, Kashaya
Guna   : Lakhu.
Virya   : Ushna

Uses – The seed kernel and bark of Priyala is used in the form of decoction to treat intrinsic haemorrhage, diarrhoea with blood and as tonic.

As tonic

Grown up child who has left the breast-milk should be given sweet bolus prepared of priyala (kernels), madhuka,(Glycyrrhiza glabra) honey, parched paddy and sugar candy. It acts as saturating and tonic (AH.U.139)

Kernels of the priyala made into a powder and used with milk as an aphrodisiac, in case of fever and burning sensation.


powder of the bark mixed with honey is useful in dysentery with blood. (CK)

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