Ayurvedic Herb Baliospermum montanum (Danti)

Sanskrit Names: Danti
English Name:
Hindu Name: danti, hakum, hakun, dante, dantt, jangli jamalghota
Botanical Name: Baliospermum montanum
Synonyms: Laghudanti, Vishodhini, Ruksha, Rochani,
Family: Euphorbiaceae

 Parts used – Root, leaves, seed and oil

Uses – The root, leaves, seed and seed oil is used in the form of powder, seed and oil to treat piles, anaemia, jaundice, skin

diseases, cyst, as purgative, wound and conjunctivitis.

Piles (arasa)

Leaves of trivrt(ipomoea turpethum), danti(Baliospermum montanum), cangeri(oxalis corniculata) and citraka(Plumbago indica) fried in oil and ghee (mixed) and added with fatty layer of curd should be given as vegetable (10-15 gms) (CS.Ci.14.122)

Skin diseases (Kustha)

Danti (Baliospermum montanum), trivrt (ipomoea turpethum)and brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) powder together should be taken with honey and ghee. It is beneficial for skin diseases, diabetes and numbness (10-15 gms) (AH.Ci.19.34)

Important Ayurvedic preparation like dantyaristha, dantyadi churna, danti haritaki churna, lepa – external application are made from this plant

In short its action according to Ayurveda are as follows-:

Ashimari nashaka – breaks stones

Deepana – stimulates digestion

Krimighna – destroys parasites

Jvaraghna – antifever

Pitta saraka – pitta pacifying

Rakta shodhaka – purifies the blood

Shothahara – reduce swelling

Yukrit Uttejaka – liver stimulant

Vedana sthana – removes pain

Virechana – laxative

Vishaghna – anti poison


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