Ajna Chakra, Intuition Chakra, sixth chakra in Yoga

Ajna, which is known as center of insight and intuition in Sanskrit, is the highest of the psychic centers in man. Ajna literally means “command” and oversees all of the elements and the chakras. Where the Vishuddha Chakra is the music that brings the elements and chakras together facilitating the making of beautiful music; The sixth energy center is sometimes known as the third
eye. Ajna is the conductor of the orchestra. Ajna is the window of the soul and when open, psychic abilities are said to unfold. It is considered the seat of intuition, where wisdom and knowledge unfold. Reference to the Ajna chakra can be found in many different religious texts (including the Bible) and cultures; even Plato wrote of the “eye of the soul that can be awakened by the correct means.” When the mind is still (Yogash Chitta Vritti Nirodah), and the lower Chakras balanced, Ajna Chakra opens to communicate with the higher plane to bring inspiration, creativity, clarity of thought and healing.

Physical location: Center of forehead between eye brows
Element: Space/light
Color: Indigo
Sense: Intuition
Force: Psychic
Areas of the body: Eye, head, sinuses, the senses
Mudra: Hakini Mudra
Bandha: Maha
Mantra: “I see.” “I follow the path of truth.”
When closed/ blocked can manifest in:
Overactive: inability to look within and see ourselves as we are; confusion as to what is real; difficulty concentrating; headaches; hallucinations; nightmares, Lacking: poor memory; lack of clarity about life-where we are going; unable to find our true path; can’t see alternatives; skeptical; inability to focus .
Health issues: sense related (eye or ear problems); sinuses, headaches

When open/not blocked can manifest in: Clear perception, Reliable intuition, Able to feel underlying vibration, Able to follow own truth, Able to see your path, Have gift of insight.

Asana examples that open the ajna chakra:
Balances, Inversions, Chanting/singing, Gate, Shoulder Stand, Eye Movements, Yoga Mudra, Tree Bridge, Hand Stand, Child, Seated Wide Leg Fold, Standing Fold, Plow, Sunbird, Head to Knee, Fish, Downward Dog, Rabbit, Runners Lunge etc.

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