Five things that makes Ayurveda a distinct medical science

ayurvedaAyurveda is a very distinct medical science and has some unique features:-

(a)  Ayurveda gives ample emphasis on the preventive aspects and helps in promotion and prolongation of a healthy and happy life.- It is said that, “Prevention is better than cure” , Ayurveda totally supports preventive aspect than the curative.

(b)  Its approach is Psychosomatic in dealing with healthy and diseased persons. It endeavors to treat man as a whole which is a combination of body, mind and soul.- According to WHO , definition of health , definitely includes mental, and social well being. Happiness is the good combination of body-mind-soul. In fact no medical science can prepare a capsule of happiness. However, Ayurveda does, if you follow the rules of dincharya, ratricharya, ritucharya, you can definitely live healthy and happy life.

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