Approach to patient | Ayurvedic Concept

Beside the knowledge of Tridosha, Ayurvedic medicine and herbs,  the ancient Ayurveda scholars have laid down beautiful rules of conduct of a physician towards his patient. If a physician is even insultingly and peevishly addressed by a patient he should remain calm, mild and courageous. He should avoid improper and frivolous language particularly with the females. He should not sit down on the same bed with them.

1. How a physician should take- up a case and examine his patient is thus described -the physician should first ask the attendent questions regarding the disease, things the patient has eaten and what he has done to produce or influence the disease.

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Three period of a man’s life

The Ayurvedic Physician has divided a man’s life into periods namely childhood(Kapha), manhood(Pitta) and decrepitude(Old-age)(Vata). Ancient text refer this three as Balya avasta, Madhya avasta and Briddha avastha respectively.

The first extends up to the fifteenth year when phlegm is in excess which is Kapha predominant.

Manhood extends from the sixteenth to the seventieth year while bile is in excess.

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9 Tips for administration of medicines

Ayurveda believes the treatment has four pillars (Chatushpad of Chikitsa) they are Doctors, Drugs, Medical Attendant and patient himself. Without any one of them treatment is not possible. In todays article post I am just focusing on medicine. While prescribing the medicine , the reaction of medicine, its dose everything are considered by the physician himself. However patient himself must have some idea regarding the Administration of the medicine.Here I have tried to enlist the nine precepts regarding it according to Ayurveda. And also all the Ayurvedic physicians should also pay much attention to the administration of medicines.

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Arthritis and ayurveda| Ayurvedic treatment of Arthritis

Arthritis/Rheumatism (Aamavata)

The “vata” word in aamvata suggest that it is related to vata disorder. And yes, if there is excess Vata in their bodies, they may be very thin, have dry skin, gas, constipation, bone problems, or arthritis. However, vata is not only the cause of Arthritis, it may be pitta and kapha type.

More than 100 types of rheumatic diseases according to modern concept . Causes are attributed to injury, infection, metabolic conditions, or tumors. In many cases the causes remain unknown to western medicine. Some disorders a related to age, gender,

and climactic conditions (i.e., cold or dampness). Áyurveda also cites causes related to digestive disorders.

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Avipathi choornam in Ayurveda

Avipathi choornam is the best purging medicine in all pitta diseases and even in normal subjects. It is best known for curing over-acidity and constipation. Its name itself suggest that it is harmless and is safe to use in different pitta disease. The main speciality of this medicine is that it can strengthen the Agni without aggravating pitta. The formulation Avipathi choornam is taken from the text Sahasrayogam, Choorna prakarana.

Therapeutic use: 1-2 tsp./5-10 gms. Once in the morning or at night, or as directed.

This churna is indicated in following disease-

Mutrakruchra, Jwara, chardi, Kasa, Shosha, Bhrama, Kshaya, Taapa, Paandu, Mandagni, Vishavikara, and All pittajanita rogas

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Ayurvedic Herb Cassia fistula (Aragvadha)

Common name Purging cassia (E), Amaltas (H) Sanskrit A-rag-vadha Latin Cassia fistula–Fructus, Folium (Caesalpiniaceae)

The general use of this plants are-  A gentle laxative used to clear pitta from the intestines. The fruit-pulp, root-bark and leaves of Aragvadha is used in the form of fruit-pulp, decoction to treat fever, jaundice, diabetes, skin diseases, wound, rheumatic ailments, erysipelas, wound due to accident.  

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