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Ayurvedic treatment for psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disease of the skin with red raised lesions characterized by severe itching, dryness of the skin and white silvery scales. It is a non infectious disease which may go in remission for years and may become worse at times. Common sites of lesions are elbow, scalp, knees and lower back.… Read More »

Ayurvedic drugs with their use in different disease

Essential Drug list of Ayurvedic medicine for Hospital 1. Ajeernahara (Digestive/Carminative)  i. Lashunadi vati  ii. Lavanavashkar churna  iii. Sandipana churna  iv. Hingavashtak churna  v. Shankha bhashma  vi. Chitrakadi vati 2. Aatisaraghnh (Antidiarrhoeal)  i. Bilwadi churna  ii. Dhatakyadi churna  iii. Mahashankha vati  iv. Bhuwaneshwor vati   v. Siddha praneshwor vati  vi. Brihad Gangadhar churna  vii. Aananda bhairav… Read More »

Ashmari in Ayurveda | Urinary Calculi Renal Stone in Ayurveda

Let’s discuss about Ashmari (urinary calculi) totally from Ayurvedic concept. The disease admits of being divided into four several types, such as the Vataja, the Pittaja, the Kaphaja and the Sukraja (Seminal) concretions. An exuberance or preponderance of the deranged Kapha should be understood as the underlying cause of all invasions of this disease. General… Read More »

Migraine (Ardhavabhedaka) in Ayurveda | Migraine Headache Treatment in Ayurveda

Headache is caused by many situations like;  flues, indigestion, colds, constipation, , suppression of urges to urinate or pass stool, poor posture, muscle tension, mental conditions such as nervousness, worry, anxiety, anger, and high blood pressure.   Migraines  can be caused by heartburn, congenital factors and other conditions. The climate can further aggravate migraines. In Ayurveda… Read More »

Different types of fistula in ano and fistular ulcers according to Ayurveda | Bhagandar (fistula in ano and fistula ulcers) Types

Ayurveda now a days is getting popularity with the term Kshar- Sutra.  This is found a great procedure to cure problems like Piles. So related to this, Bhagandar (fistula in ano and fistula ulcers) types are discussed here. The deranged Vata, Pitta, Kapha and Sannipatah (a simultaneous derangement of the three bodily Doshas) and extraneous… Read More »

Ten Ayurvedic Herb Mixtures

Here are the list of 10 important and most common Ayurvedic herbal mixtures with their uses. *The symbols V, P, K stand for Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. For example, VP- K+ is read the following way: Vata and Pitta are reduced; Kapha is increased. *[VPK= means good for all doshas; vat a, pitta and kapha]… Read More »

Hyperacidity treatment in Ayurveda

In present days a lot of people have the problem of Hyperacidity. Excessive gastric juice activity results in acidic or sour taste in the mouth.  So here is the Ayurvedic solution for the Hyperacidity problem. Causes: Vata: A variable digestion cannot always digest foods. When food is not digested, ama develops. These undigested food toxins… Read More »

Hiccup (Hikka) treatment in Ayurveda

In daily routine of our life sometime hiccup creates a great problem. So lets approach hiccups according to Ayurveda. There are 5 kinds of hiccup. Their causes, premonitory symptoms, kinds, and development are the same as diseases of difficult breathing. Type 1. Food-caused (annaa hikka): Vata becomes aggravated by eating too quickly and improperly, or… Read More »

Treatment of Blocked sub-vatas and Doshas

There are different types of vata as discussed in earlier posts. Here is the tabulation of symptoms and treatments of different types of Vata. Hope this would be helpful. All sub-types of Vata can and do cover each other, for a total of 20 types of mutual covering. Treatment of Blocked sub-vatas and Doshas Covering… Read More »

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